Duty Free Shopping in Vanuatu

Duty-Free stores are typically at airports, cruise ships and port cities. In Vanuatu, it is a little bit different. You will find Duty Free Stores at the airport but the majority of them are located in town. 

As the name implies, buying duty-free means there is no local import tax on the product. It is free of import duties and other taxes. 

How to buy Duty-Free in Vanuatu? 

To buy Duty-Free, you will just need your departure date and your flight number. 


Please make sure you do your Duty-Free Shopping 24hours before your departure date as items need to be sent to the airport and check by the Vanuatu customs. 

Doing your Duty-Free Shopping in Vanuatu - Allowance

 The goods below shall be admitted duty-free provided the quantities are within the following limits:


- Alcohol:  2.25 Litres per adult traveller

- Perfume:  Unlimited

- Gifts:  Cannot exceed AU$900 per adult traveller (18 years and over) or AU$450 per young  traveller (under 18 years old)

New Zealand

- Wine and Beer:  4.5 Litres

- Spirits:  3 bottles (each not exceeding 1.125 Litres)

- Gifts:  Cannot exceed NZ $700

New Caledonia 

- Alcohol:  2 Litres of table wine and 1 Litre of Spirits over 22% volume

- Tobacco:  200 cigarettes

- Perfume:  50 millilitres of perfume and 250 millilitres of eau de toilette

- Other goods:  Cannot exceed XPF 30,000 or XPF 15,000 for children under 15

For more information on Duty-Free Shopping in Vanuatu, please refer to the following link: https://customsinlandrevenue.gov.vu/index.php/en/travellers